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You should see my sister pack. She's a genius. Defies the laws of physics every time.

But then you take a look at her suitcase. Stuffed like a turkey. Needless to say, her suitcases don't last very long.

Are you treating your audience like my sister's suitcase?

Too much information. You know you're guilty of this. I am too.

We usually have our reasons. "Sure, it's a lot of material BUT

"I want to give them their money's worth."

"I need to show my expertise."

"I already cut it down so much."

BUT- the truth is - none of that matters. It's just too much to take in.

ESPECIALLY online where your audience has a very short attention span.

Cut your material down.

Great things will happen. You'll figure out what content you really need. You'll stop rushing. You will relax and get creative. Your audience will stay awake.

And they will remember you.

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