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It's all about coming across like a real live human being who is having a conversation with the audience about something they're passionate about.  


Those are the speakers we feel connected to. We like them. We hang on every word. Great speakers do this instinctively. The rest of us need tools.

The unique Vox tools will help you master every aspect of great delivery.




When you speak in daily life, everything falls into place. Inflection, rhythm, pitch changes, emotional investment, and a full range of vocal tone. 

But something happens on the way to the podium. We go monotone and stiff. Or we overdo it.

Vox will revive your natural speaking so you can sound like YOU!

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Most of us use just a small part of our voice's potential. This is especially true when we speak in public.

Luckily the voice is a flexible instrument that can be developed at any age.

We can add vocal exercises to your training to bring power, range and tone to your voice. It will add richness to your speaking that few presenters have

Motivational Speaker


Vocal issues can interfere with your success as a presenter. A voice that tires easily. A voice that doesn't project. A voice that is strident or nasal.

Discover a voice that you can count on. And - even fall in love with.



​We love dialects and want you to keep yours. But sometimes a strong dialect can interfere with intelligibility. And your audience is usually too polite to mention it. 

We will help you gain clarity without giving up your uniqueness. So the audience can focus on your message, not on trying to understand your words.

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Speakers often ask us: what do I do with my hands?


But the bigger question is: How do I engage my body so that my movement is fluid and natural.

It's about whole-body speaking. And it looks and feels great.

Get the skill to get the body involved in your speaking.

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Emotion? In a business presentation?! 

The fact is, a great presentation is a human one. And we can't be human without emotion. 

We're not talking high drama. We're talking about what made you write your speech in the first place. Your interest in sharing. Basically, why you're there. 

“When we were offered coaching for our Global Town Hall, I thought: ‘I’ve been presenting for 30 years! I don’t need coaching.’ Well, let me tell you, I was one thousand times better after the coaching!”

-Randy McMeekin, Global Managing Director, Engineering, Hatch

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