Public Speaker



A performance must be meticulously prepared. Many speakers fail to make clear choices about their set up, and whether they use notes or speak freely, or even read (yes, it's an option when done right!) 

Learn how to choose the best option for the particular event. 



Discover the value of having a rehearsal strategy that will transform your presentation into a polished performance. It will also increase confidence. And lead to true creativity that can only exist when you're not struggling.

Adapting to Venues

Tedx style, podium, video conference, webinar. Every venue presents its own challenges. Know how to adapt to each context with finesse.


Mental Skills

Most speakers get nervous. Some even panic. 

Stress can hit weeks before the event, the night before, even during the introduction. 

Learn a range of  scientifically proven methods to manage performance anxiety so that your presentation is something to look forward to, not dread. 

“When we were offered coaching for our Global Town Hall, I thought: ‘I’ve been presenting for 30 years! I don’t need coaching.’ Well, let me tell you, I was one thousand times better after the coaching!”

-Randy McMeekin, Global Managing Director, Engineering, Hatch