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Welcome to Vox

Your presentation has the potential to inspire your audience and move them to action.

But that takes skill.

The skill to create content that will keep people engaged no matter how technical the topic.

The skill to deliver it in a captivating, personal and memorable way.

Vox gives you the skills and the confidence to become a better speaker, a better communicator and a better leader. At work and in life.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


It's About Impact

"Thank you. That was good.” 

That’s the response most speakers get. A polite response. By an audience that has not been moved.

After a high impact presentation, the audience’s response is very different: “Wow.”

You can see it in their eyes, their tone, their body language. They have felt something. 

And they're still talking about your presentation days later.

"I have questions. I want to hear more. Let's talk. Can  you come speak again?”

That's the response Vox speakers get.

The Vox Factor

We analyze your presentation style - content and delivery- and show you how you can improve your impact. With concrete, accessible tools.

Vox is not about tips and tricks on how to inflect your voice, use your hands, and pump up your energy. 

We go deeper. We are experts on human expression.

We will help you re-ignite your innate humanness, your personality, your passion - every time you speak.

People Clapping

Our Work


This is not just about public speaking. It's about all the speaking you do - from a Tedx, to a meeting, to a town hall, to a pitch.

Master the fundamentals: 

Speech, body language, emotion, voice. Bring out your natural expressive patterns. And bring your presentation to life.


You can't be captivating without captivating content. We'll help you build a memorable script from scratch. Or help you hone your draft so it practically speaks itself.

Unlock your stories. Discover your voice.

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Turn your presentation into a performance. Know how to prepare. Adapt to any venue - including online.  Learn to answer tough questions. Build confidence so you can thrive - not crumble - under pressure. 

Prepare to own the stage

Who We Serve

Business Meeting

C-Suite Executives

You have worked hard to develop leadership qualities. But do those qualities come across when you present?

If you're not commanding the room with the right mix of strength and empathy - it's holding you back.

We help senior executives show up as the top leaders that they are.

Sales Agent

Sales & Marketing

Whether you're selling or pitching, success depends on the quality of your presentation. How well do you tell your story? How well do you answer the tough questions? Don't leave it to chance. Get the training you need.


Aspiring C-Suite Executives

Every presentation is an opportunity to show how you think, how you communicate, and how you handle pressure. Get the speaking skills and develop the leadership presence that will get you noticed. Stand out among the competition. Transform your career.


Data Presenters

A technical talk doesn't have to be dry.

We will help you humanize and personalize the most data driven material without ever sacrificing accuracy and depth. 

Keep your audience  engrossed in the story behind the numbers. 


Team Leaders

To motivate. To inspire. That's not always an easy job. You need the skill to engage your people. You need powerful content and a winning style that has them eager to turn your words into action. 

In a Meeting

Workshop Facilitators

Keeping your participants' attention is no mean feat. You have to be concise. Clear. Compelling. Even entertaining. And the audience needs to walk away with value. 

Get the tools you need to deliver a memorable experience. 

Start improving now!

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“When we were offered coaching for our Global Town Hall, I thought: ‘I’ve been presenting for 30 years! I don’t need coaching.’ Well, let me tell you, I was one thousand times better after the coaching!”

-Randy McMeekin, Global Managing Director, Engineering, Hatch