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Having great ideas isn't enough. You have to create content that draws the audience in - takes them on a journey - and brings them to a new understanding of the world.

We can take you from the first germ of a concept to a fully realized script that touches both you and your audience. 

Public Speaker


Speakers often go straight to writing without a clear process. The result is an overload of information without shape.

We will help you figure out your 'why' - do a brain dump of material - and brainstorm the structure.

On point, well-crafted, compelling.


You need to move your audience if you want to move them to action.


No audience will buy in or be inspired if they don't get emotionally involved.

Storytelling is the best way to do that.  We will help you find the best storytelling elements to enhance your talk.


Learn to write for listeners, not readers. We will help you write a script - not a report.


Get the tools that all great speech writers use. Reflect real human thought and emotion with language that is direct and personal - while maintaining the depth of your ideas.


Heavy slides can risk taking over.


Get back in the driver's seat by taming those slides and bringing the focus back to YOU -  the star of the show.

“When we were offered coaching for our Global Town Hall, I thought: ‘I’ve been presenting for 30 years! I don’t need coaching.’ Well, let me tell you, I was one thousand times better after the coaching!”

-Randy McMeekin, Global Managing Director, Engineering, Hatch

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