W. Steven Lecky | Sauvé Scholar | Sauvé Foundation

Client comments

 Speaker Training

"Transformative on both a personal and professional level"

"Indefatigable pursuit of excellence and generosity of spirit"

"Perfect combination of great trainer, practice and theory"

"I see myself as more powerful"

"A confidence-building exercise"

"Methodology is phenomenal"

"A great experience"

"The Vox training is outstanding. It is transformative on both a professional and personal level.

We have some of the best environmental scientists in Europe and now they have the tools to become enthusiastic and professional communicators as well. This is invaluable in helping us fulfill our mission as the European Environment Agency."

Dr Hans Bruyninckx

Executive Director of the European Environment Agency



"You led the group so authentically, skillfully and attuned to our needs at the Agency. There was a real buzz here after the workshop. Everyone was talking about Vox! 'The best training ever.'"

Ulrike Hoffman

EMAS and staff well-being coordinator

European Environment Agency



"I exaggerate not when I state the following: of the many experts and teachers we have engaged to work with our Scholars over the past ten years, none have matched your unique combination of commitment and compassion, of rigour and warmth; your indefatigable pursuit of excellence and generosity of spirit are truly amazing. 

I have a whole new understanding about the art and skill of truly great speaking. It's never easy to start dissecting something that you’ve done naturally for most of your life. But your gentle and steely approach as well as the innovative tools made it a rich and enjoyable experience."

Desiree McGraw

Former Director and President of the Board

The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation



"This is the best training I've ever attended. You obtain immediate results but also tools to develop further. A perfect combination of great trainer, practice and theory. I am usually very critical on training, but this was really as close to perfect as it can get."

Workshop Participant, EEA



"As a speaker, or in meetings, I now feel a great influence. It’s incredible. Even just with friends, I see myself as more powerful in terms of conveying my message to that person. I’ve learnt to put more inspiration and feeling in my thoughts."

Najmeh Kishani Farahani

Sauvé Foundation Fellow

Human Rights Activist



"Your greatest talent as a public speaking coach is turning your passion and expertise into a confidence-building exercise for your clients. That was certainly my experience.

I learned some very hard skills in a very short period of time and felt your genuine support. I learned some "quick win" improvements that I was able to apply immediately. 

Thanks so much for the time, passion and care you brought to our session. You are gifted in this!"

Anita Nowak, PhD, Senior Project Manager

Desautels Faculty of Management

Mcgill University



“Elissa helped prepare me for my TedX talk. Her methodology is phenomenal.”

Servane Mouazan, Oguntée Ltd.



"The Vox-session was a great experience and got me on track right from the beginning with the personalized style of training. After only two sessions I learned a better way for our company to deliver venture pitches!"

David Andersson

CEO Ecoera AB