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What do we love about great singers?
They sound like they're talking to us. We feel their humanity. We respond viscerally to the resonance in their voices. 
That’s what moves us.
The rest of the singers try to imitate. Badly. 
They push sound to try to create flow. They manipulate their voices trying to get a better colour.
In fact, our voices already know how to resonate. They do that every day, all day. 
Everytime we speak.
Listen to a great singer. Hear the shape of each word. 
There’s a little bounce. Now say something out loud. It’s the same thing.
Start from your ordinary, everyday voice. Develop the strength, range and accuracy to handle the challenges of a song. The rest is just like acting. Build the tools to express human thought.
Be the singer who has something to say.
Vox Method: Training the Voice
Vox Singing Book

Vox Method: Training the Voice is a groundbreaking collection of techniques designed to establish a clear and tangible approach to training the voice.


The book and its accompanying DVD provide professional voice users what they need most – an approach to training that offers concrete technique and real tools that lead to genuine results. The method is rooted in learnable, measurable and repeatable skills that can be objectively assessed, corrected and drilled to become the foundation of an automatic vocal technique.


With technical mastery as its essence, Vox Method will revolutionize the teaching of voice and become a precious resource for actors, singers, theatre instructors and professional voice users from all walks of life.

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