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Nobody sets out to be a boring speaker. So why are most of us stuck in that rut? With the same old presentations that are long on facts and short on expression.
We all know how to be engaging. We do it all the time in our daily lives. But when we give a presentation, we get awkward and unnatural. It doesn't sound like us. We lose the fundamental components of everyday speech that make us unique.
Vox has the tools to bring your speaking to life. Accessible tools that are based on 35 years of research on human behaviour. It's science. And it works.
We help speakers around the world become great communicators.
It's time to discover your true potential.
Our Clients 

"The Vox training is outstanding. It is transformative on both a professional and personal level. 



We have some of the best environmental scientists in Europe and now they have the tools to become enthusiastic and professional communicators as well. This is invaluable in helping us fulfill our mission as the European Environment Agency."


Dr Hans Bruyninckx

Executive Director of the European Environment Agency


"none of our trainers have matched your unique combination of commitment and compassion, of rigour and warmth; your indefatigable pursuit of excellence and generosity of spirit are truly amazing. 


I have a whole new understanding about the art and skill of truly great speaking. It's never easy to start dissecting something that you’ve done naturally for most of your life. But your gentle and steely approach as well as the innovative tools made it a rich and enjoyable experience."


Desiree McGraw

Former Director and President of the Board

The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation


"Your greatest talent as a public speaking coach is turning your passion and expertise into a confidence-building exercise for your clients.

Anita Nowak, PhD, Senior Project Manager

Desautels Faculty of Management

Mcgill University


"The Vox methodology is phenomenal.”


Servane Mouazan

Oguntée Ltd. 


"Elissa and her team have been paramount for us! They have helped us elevate our pitch to a world class level in a very short time frame. Her calm and sharp mind helped us tap into the essence of our message and focus on just what mattered. She helped us deliver our story with a mix of passion and poise that we had always been seeking. Thank you :) "

Eric Gauthier
Semeon Analytics

"I felt more in control of my body and my speed, and more on message than ever before."


Jane Rabinowicz

Founding Director,
Executive-Director of USC Canada

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