Steven Lecky Dawson College Voice Vox Method: The Acting Process


Vox Method: The Acting Process by W. Steven Lecky Vox Books


Vox Method: The Acting Process
A revolutionary and exciting training program for actors that never waivers from the belief that ultimate artistic liberty is dependent on a solid grounding in technique.
Throughout the book and its accompanying DVD, extensive and clearly defined acting terminology is developed that greatly facilitates discussion. Vox Method: The Acting Process demystifies the craft of acting – making it more accessible, comprehensible and concrete.
Summary: The Large Structures of Thought – The Small Structures of Thought – Packaging Text – Inflection – The “Pull” – Performance Pace – Impulse – The Imprint – The Acting Plane – Stagecraft – Implicit Movement – Interactive Movement – Liberating the Instrument – Creating Character – Pushing the  Boundaries – Appendices
Vox Method: Training the Voice by W. Steven Lecky | Vox Books


Vox Method: Training the Voice
A groundbreaking collection of techniques designed to establish a clear and tangible approach to training the voice. The book and its accompanying DVD provide professional voice users what they need most – an approach to training that offers concrete technique and real tools that lead to genuine results. The method is rooted in learnable, measurable and repeatable skills that can be objectively assessed, corrected and drilled to become the foundation of an automatic vocal technique.