W. Steven Lecky Dawson College

Acting for classical singers


Commentary on opera singers

Can opera singers be great actors?
They can.
And they must.
There's a new standard in opera today. A great voice is not enough. Opera houses are looking for singers who can command the stage with their acting as well as their singing. Audiences want to see real characters and real impulse, not just vocal acrobatics. They want to hear that magical vocal tone that comes from real human emotion.
Do you measure up to this new standard of acting?
Do you know how to recreate real human impulse?
Do you know how to get a wide range of impulsive tone in a way that actually releases tension and liberates the voice?
Do you know how to block your aria? How to move? How to gesture?
Do you know how to interact with your scene partner?
It's all about tools. Clear, accessible, concrete tools based on an understanding of how thought and emotion work in the body and the psychology of how humans interact.
Worried it might interfere with your singing?
Vox Method is an integrated technique. Everything we do is designed to work the voice and the acting at the same time. No contradictions. No juggling. In fact, Vox tools leads to balance, clarity and control that will liberate more sound, more vocal tone and more resonance.
Vox Method. Tools for the complete artist.