Human behavior is natural. Recreating it is not.
Great actors have the ability to recreate human speech and thought. It’s uncanny. It’s a great gift.
The rest of us fall into traps. We get it backwards. The result is either pushed and obstructed or collapsed and dull. No nuance. And it just doesn’t sound real.
There’s nothing natural about picking up a script and bringing it to life. We have to recreate the path of thought and expression.
Bridge the gap. Between what you do naturally, hundreds of times a day, every time you speak - and the minefield that is the script.
It’s not a question of talent. It’s a question of coordination.
Understand the skills. Master your art.
Vox Method: The Acting Process
Vox Acting Book

Vox Method: The Acting Process is a revolutionary and exciting training program for actors that never waivers from the belief that ultimate artistic liberty is dependent on a solid grounding in technique.


Throughout the book and its accompanying DVD, extensive and clearly defined acting terminology is developed that greatly facilitates discussion. 


Vox Method: The Acting Process demystifies the craft of acting – making it more accessible, comprehensible and concrete.

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